Not yet, although I need to visit the county historical society anyway. The local building permit and other records offices dumped all their pre-1980 records on the historical society and we want to get hold of our house plans.

I understand that it works for some others, but I absolutely refuse to volunteer. I've spent decades dealing with people who don't want to pay me for my professional work and I'm not going to go there any more. I'm just looking for social organizations.

Thanks, Fran

On 6/8/2017 5:02 AM, Susan Data-Samak wrote:

Congrats on your new home with all the trimmings.

Have you checked the local historical society for historic homes/museums?

About 15 years ago, I attended an open house at a local historic house/museum. 
Of all the beautiful artifacts, I stumbled on a dress form wearing a paper 
dress. Upon inspection, it was actually a life sized “invitation” to join a 
group of women who acted as living props for the museum’s open houses. I 
inquired and as a result, the sewing, socializing and modeling are still a part 
of my life. The ladies are so helpful and supportive of any/all sewing 
projects, historically based or not.


On Jun 7, 2017, at 10:54 PM, Lavolta Press <> wrote:

My husband and I bought a huge, lovely old Colonial Revival house in Sacramento. 
We've been doing a lot of remodeling, and sometimes I think it will never end. 
Currently we're simultaneously working on remodeling a half-bath, extending the 
irrigation (the plot is 1.8 landscaped acres), and putting up some exterior Arts 
& Crafts lighting. Among many smaller projects. I have been reorganizing all my 
sewing stuff, which considering there are few things I hate more than tidying, is 
quite painful. But!  Someday we will be done.

I've been looking around on the net. As far as I can tell very little is going 
on here in terms of costuming, historic reenactment, etc. That's hard to 
believe, considering Sacramento is a reasonably large and sophisticated city. 
I'm sure I'm missing something. There must be local groups who don't have much 
of an Internet presence. Can anyone who lives in this area tell me more?

Au rest, if anyone is thinking of moving out of the SF Bay Area, Sacramento has 
much less expensive housing. Pricewise, our house here was pretty much a direct 
trade for what we were paid for an undistinguished 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom house 
in the Sunset district of San Francisco, complete with ancient galvanized 
plumbing and gravity furnace. This area has mature trees everywhere--all the 
streets, everybody's lawns, shopping malls, you name it. It's really lovely.  
We love the climate (no more fog!), and there's almost no traffic (compared to 
SF). You can get almost anywhere, including the suburbs, in 10-30 minutes. It's 
just great.

So, if anyone has any information on what to do here I'd be grateful.


Lavolta Press

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