On 2016/10/18 1:27 AM, Adam McMahon wrote:
[1]  Off heap storage - is there any way to designate the size of the offheap 
store, or does it just continue to fill up
until it runs out of memory?

[2]  Off heap storage - Can we  designate how much of the map should be in heap 
vs offheap?

[3] Can the Off heap storage be used in conjunction with an overflow file 
storage (for example, if so much memory is
used it overflows to a file?

[4] Can we persist to disk the contents in an OffHeapStore (take a snapshot to 
disk and then reload it when the app

No to all of the above.

[1] should be straightforward to implement, feel free to submit a patch.

The others would all be much trickier, and I don't see the real value, but I 
wouldn't reject patches.

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