Hi all

I'm using H2 in conjunction with Scala, Quill 
(https://github.com/getquill/quill) in a Scalatra web application but I've 
run into a really weird issue that's preventing me from using my file-based 
H2 database.

For the impatient, here are:

   - Traceback of the error output: https://pastebin.com/s1uvumJE
   - SQL script used to build database: https://pastebin.com/jvzLaqDL

Now, I reckon the following further details might be important though. When 
I started working on my database I decided to be lazy and build the tables 
using the database-tool in IntelliJ. So I configured IntelliJ to open a 
file-based H2 database, opened it and created all my tables. I then started 
my application and everything worked fine, code was able to read and insert 
from the database with no issues (Although I was only working with the TAG 
table at this stage).

I generated a SQL creation script of the tables from IntelliJ and started 
tinkering some more. I decided I wanted to add a new column to TAG table 
and so I adjusted the SQL script, dropped tables and tested it. This is 
where I ran into my first issue because the SQL create generated by 
IntelliJ didn't generate PK columns like *column1 INTEGER AUTO_INCREMENT 
PRIMARY KEY* but instead generated a statement that referenced the sequence 
generated by H2 to back the auto-incrementing PK. I adjusted the SQL to 
instead use AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY and the SQL script was able to run. 
At a cursory glance everything seemed okay.

However, when I try to start the application I get the traceback in the 
link I posted which seems to indicate that H2 isn't happy with something I 
did. I'm not sure what tho :-/

Does anyone have any idea what's going on and how to fix it? I'd like to 
keep H2 as an option for this application for running it in embedded mode.

Adam Jorgensen

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