* Shai Shkolnitsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [061127 10:59]:
> I have found some important thing regarding my upcoming lecture, that would
> help expand it a bit (And maybe make it interesting for non SiL guys). Yet,
> with all the inconsistencies between the distributions I want to make sure
> if that kind of thing is at all valid.
> If you would be so kind as to check whether the following files exist on
> your system as well, I would be really grateful.
> /usr/lib/cron/run-crons
> /etc/sysconfig/cron
> And one more thing, if you have spare time. Please search a dir named
> "crontabs" or "cron/tabs", possibly in /var/spool/ (Permission to the parent
> directory might be privileged).
> Please send me your findings with a distribution and version.

Debian etch (the upcoming 4.0)

None of the two directories are there, there is /var/spool/cron/crontabs
as well as /var/spool/cron/{atjobs,atspool}

The cron config in Debian is at:
/etc/crontab (file)
/etc/cron.hourly (dir)
/etc/cron.daily (dir)
/etc/cron.weekly (dir)
/etc/cron.monthly (dir)
/etc/cron.d (dir)

he /etc/crontab file is the root one and runs the
hourly/daily/weekly/monthly jobs. It uses the system cron format that
includes the user which the command should be run as.

The /etc/cron.* are directories where scripts are deposited by packages
or the user and are run at the specified interval. The exact time is
specified by /etc/crontab

/etc/cron.d is a directory where packages and admins can put their own
system crontab formatted files and cron will run them as specified.

This whole arrangement is made so that packages can easily add their own
cron jobs without the need to parse and edit the system cron files, just
add a file and you're done, remove the file on uninstall and everything
just works (or stops worknig in this case).

This is pertty much standard Debian behaviour and should be the same in
Debian sarge (the current stable) and most likely even before that as


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