On Monday 27 November 2006 10:59, Shai Shkolnitsky wrote:
> I have found some important thing regarding my upcoming lecture, that would
> help expand it a bit (And maybe make it interesting for non SiL guys). Yet,
> with all the inconsistencies between the distributions I want to make sure
> if that kind of thing is at all valid.
> If you would be so kind as to check whether the following files exist on
> your system as well, I would be really grateful.
> /usr/lib/cron/run-crons
> /etc/sysconfig/cron

Neither of them exists in my Mandriva 2007 system.

> And one more thing, if you have spare time. Please search a dir named
> "crontabs" or "cron/tabs", possibly in /var/spool/ (Permission to the
> parent directory might be privileged).

[EMAIL PROTECTED] shlomi]# locate crontabs
[EMAIL PROTECTED] shlomi]# locate tabs | grep cron/tabs


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