>> On Thursday 01 March 2007 20:47, YigalB wrote:
>> Somehow, I couldn't make the internet work there. Before I donated the
>> the PCs were working at my home, in a similar way (local network, router,
>> DHCP).

>You need to supply a bit more information. What exactly is not working.
>Do you get a ping from the router? if not, perhaps this is a 100/10 mb
>or you don't have dhcp there and you need to define something manually.
>If you do get a ping, perhaps you did not define the gateway properly.
>Check out /etc/network/interfaces


I am new to Linux myself, so now I learned there is such file. 
I didn't look at this file, since I didn't know it exist, so I didn't ping
as well since I didn't know the address of the router.

Anyway - I am sure there is a DHCP working there, since I was told they
connected several Windows machines and they worked fine.

What I did is to look and make sure the "network tools" and to see that
Ethernet device was enabled and in DHCP automatic IP mode.

I am sure I missed something, since it didn't work. 

On the other hand, it did work at my home before I delivered them the PC.
Perhaps the installation process set something that match my home setting
and not that place? 

Can I run "re-installation" just for the network, something like a wizard?


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