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i don't like encouraging people into using something that does not fit
them - so i try to make sure they understand they are expected to do
some learning, in order to get by.

You are correct in the sense that they are expected to do some
learning, and I think it's evident from my lecture slides.
Furthermore, this lecture is meant as an addition to the Matam course,
which already aims to teach the students programming in a Unix

don't worry - i'm not going to jump during the lecture and shout "don't
listen to him!". just during the Q&A session.

if you were teaching people that never saw MS software - i might have
had a different opinion. but once they saw it - anything else will be
considered "not as good" - even if it is better but different.

I find that the "not as good" resistance breaks down once valgrind is shown :)

lets not argue here - i think that the MS environment in inferior to the
tools i like - but i can see the advantages it does have for people with
slow fingers, short memories and moderate laziness ;)

The issue is that the Matam homework is checked on T2, a solaris
computer, with very strict gcc flags. While many have successfully
written and tested their code in Microsoft tools and had it running
perfectly on T2, these are usually only the ones who are excellent
programmers to begin with. For most people, "finishing" the exercise
only to find that they have a lot of debugging to do on T2 is a
problem - as they will not have had experience debugging and coding in
a Unix environment. Furthermore, the TCSH exercise will force them to
use a Unix environment.

My point is that the lecture's focus isn't one of "use Linux for your
programming, it's better than anything else!" - rather, it's "you're
forced to do Unix programming, but it's not as bad as you might

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