We don't have a charter!
Unless something changed in the last few months.

The question whether AIX is something Linux people want/need to know about.
Knowing the way other UNIXes work seems to me in the scope of haifux (and
actually even the way windows drivers work, so we could understand the
problems faced by people who want to import windows drivers and use them in

May I suggest that Boaz will write some general description of the talk (few
basic slides) so we'll have a better and more constructive discussion?


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On Thu, 5 Apr 2007, Eli Billauer wrote:

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> Muli Ben-Yehuda wrote:
>> I don't quite see how a talk about a proprietary OS fits Haifux's
>> charter?
> Lecture #79: Random numbers
> Lecure #81: Multilingual typesetting
> Lecture #95: Hebrew fonts
> Lecture #114-SIL: Intro to Alice, Bob and Eve: a glimpse of
> Haifux' charter has always been that if there's an audience, there's a
> lecture.
>   Eli

There is a difference between general computer science topics, such as
random numbers (btw, at the end of the lecture, /dev/random and
/dev/urandom were discussed) and  proprietary software.

The Hebrew fonts were released under a free license, and are needed in
order to view MS documents on a Linux system. The typesetting lecture was
a broader topic of TeX, FOSS. We also hosted a lecture about CC.

As I see it, Haifux is not an "OS club". When the idea of having a lecture
about Windows drivers was brought up, I (and others) objected for the same

I think lecture 6 is the only totally proprietary lecture we had, and this
was indeed before my time.

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