Infrastructure Software Engineer

Company: Convergin
Area: Hertzelia
Job Description:

Infrastructure software engineer for core signaling network node,
providing the Service Capability Interaction Management (SCIM)
function in IMS and Pre-IMS networks. The position involves developing
a reliable and robust environment for high availability applications
in Solaris and Linux environment.



* Bachelor degree with excellence in Computer Science or related area
from a top tier university

* Experience of at least one year with C++ programming in Solaris/Unix

* Experience with Multithreaded applications development

* Experience in distributed application development

* Familiarity with Sun Forte / Gnu G++


* Experience with ACE / MySQL / Clustering systems

* Experience in cross platform development Linux / Solaris

* Experience in code optimization Solaris Forte / Linux G++

* Experience with High Availability systems 99.999%

Address: Hertzeliya
Contact Person Name: Tamar

Orr Dunkelman,

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