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Orr Dunkelman wrote:
> Next Monday, 20th of August, at 18:30 the Haifa Linux Club, will gather to
> listen to Rami Rosen's talk about
>                    Linux Kernel Networking Overview
> Abstract
>     * A walkthrough of a packet in the kernel network stack, through
> layer 2, (the link layer), layer 3 (network layer) and layer 4
> (transport layer).
>     * The routing table and the routing cache.
>     * The neighboring subsystem: arp table and arp cache.
>     * The bridging subsysetm.
>     * ICMP error messages.
>     * A short survey: future trends in Linux Kernel Networking.
> Note: The link layer (L2) we will discuss will be ethernet, and the
> network layer (L3) will be IPv4
> ======================================================
> We meet in Taub building, room 3. For instructions see:
> http://www.haifux.org/where.html
> Attendance is free, and you are all invited!
> ======================================================================
> Future Lectures:
> 173     An overview of Haskell part II               Haggai Eran        
> 3/9/2007
> We are always looking for interesting lectures. If you wish to contribute  a
> lecture to the 2007 lecture season - drop us a line at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Leon Romanovsky
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