Hi Lukas,

Thanks, that works indeed.

Maybe its worth mentioning this url in the websites main page where the links to "Latest versions" is also present? I find it strange that the 'normal' git repository (though slow) is unable to clone correctly. But i guess thats not so important if there is a good workaround / secondary up to date repository.


Op 22-6-2013 1:22, Lukas Tribus schreef:

When trying to clone the repository it always seems to fail. (there have
been more reports of this in emails/irc of other users..)
Also it seams to take ages before it fails..
I'm using the formilux mirror, which is mentioned in the README:
git clone http://master.formilux.org/git/people/willy/haproxy.git/

Its up-to-date, reliable and fast.


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