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Inspired by a blog about wordpress bruteforce protection [0] , i'm trying to use this same kind of method in a frontend/backend configuration. I did change the method from POST to GET, for easier testing, but that doesn't matter for retrieving the gpc counter, does it?

So i was trying to use this:
tcp-request content track-sc1  base32+src  if METH_GET login

It however doesn't seem to work using HAProxy 1.5.3, the acl containing "sc1_get_gpc0 gt 0" never seems to get the correct gpc0 value, even though i have examined the stick-table and the gpc0 value there is increasing.
If i change it to the following it starts working:
tcp-request content track-sc1  base32+src

Even though the use_backend in both cases checks those first criteria:
acl flagged_as_abuser        sc1_get_gpc0 gt 0
use_backend            pb3_453_http if METH_GET wp_login flagged_as_abuser

Am i doing something wrong, is the blog outdated, or was a bug introduced somewhere?

If more information perhaps -vv or full config is needed let me know, thanks for any reply.

p.s. did anyone get my other emails a while back? [1]

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[0] http://blog.haproxy.com/2013/04/26/wordpress-cms-brute-force-protection-with-haproxy/
[1] http://marc.info/?l=haproxy&m=140821298806125&w=2

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