Hi all,

I said that some time ago I had plans for testing a non-intrusive
anti-spam solution. So here's what we're doing now. All e-mails to
formilux.org pass through haproxy.com's anti-spam filters and are
then rerouted to the mailing list server. That way we're performing
an external cleanup without changing the way we manage the list for
day to day operations, and nobody needs to resubscribe nor change
whatever address filter they may have.

The filters *do not* remove any e-mail. Instead they're just scored
and tagged with [SPAM] in front of the subject. From what we're
observing on our work addresses, we have a few false positives from
time to time, but with a low score. I don't want to block anything
at all for now, so you should receive a bit more spam, but tagged as

After some observation period, we'll figure a reasonable score
threshold to reduce the noise while avoiding false positives. We'll
add some margin and will be able to block the incoming e-mails
reaching us with very high scores (the most boring ones).

Those who don't want to see any mail tagged as spam will simply be
free to set up a filtering rule to block any e-mail whose subject
starts with [SPAM] and that will be all. Those who are not bothered
by this will continue to receive a few low-score e-mails tagged as
such, sometimes valid, sometimes spam. That's what I'm doing at
work and it doesn't cause me any trouble.

If you notice that some of your e-mails can't get through anymore,
or anything unusual, please contact me so that we can troubleshoot.
Normally this should not happen since we've been working fine with
this solution for a few months now.

Last important point. Both HAProxy Technologies and the people in
charge for the e-mail infrastructure are offering this service to
us FOR FREE, so in return I don't want to bother them at all with
tweaking requests, and that's why we have the freedom to take actions
based on the scoring. So needless to say that non-constructive comments 
or suggestions to make lazy people's life even easier will directly
feed /dev/null (and also /dev/zero to avoid any jealousy).

Best regards,

PS: hoping this e-mail will not be tagged, that would be a fun start :-)

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