Hi Susheel Jalali.

please can you show us the out put of haproxy -vv

Am 06-10-2015 22:06, schrieb Susheel Jalali:
Dear HAProxy Developers,

After incorporating insights from Bryan Talbot and articles from
Baptiste Assman on HAProxy Web site, we have been able to get the basic
configuration of HAProxy going.  Now we are adding configuration to
access specific products in our LAN.

We would like to access Product1 via URL:

Output URL from the Product1 server should be:

What we are getting:   https://Internal_IP:14443/Product1/signin?xyz

Have the product a setting for 'proxy' setting like tomcat?


or something like 'public' or 'external' URL Option or Setting?

The server presents the right page, but with internal IP address of the
server.  Hence, the product can only be accessed from internal LAN, not
from WAN.  What are we missing?


As Igor mentioned in the his mail do you have any Warning Messages at Startup?

Cheers Aleks

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