Dear Susheel Jalali,

Am 14-10-2015 08:32, schrieb Susheel Jalali:
Dear Aleks,

Your insights are thorough and your knowledge seems to be vast---from
HAProxy to Tomcat to Red5 server…and perhaps many more.  It is a
pleasure to learn from you.  Below we have provided the information you
requested. Your further guidance will help solve this issue that we are
facing to access products through HAProxy.

Yes, Tomcat proxies Red5 server.  Diff with (you
referred in your link) is given below.

What's the opinion about this case from the Red5 Community?

Mybe this could you also help.

Product1 can be accessed

(1) directly, i.e., without HAProxy

(2) via Apache mod_proxy, reverse proxy and mod_ssl (HTTPS).  SSL
certificate is authentic as Apache HTTP server and nginx are using it to
serve other products.

The only problem:  In HAProxy case, we are unable to access Product1.
Product1 is talking http (no SSL) with Tomcat.  SSL termination happens
at HAProxy.

++++++  Diff with

What happen when you change the line abouve to

To keep on topic ;-)

Have you tried to change the rspirep line with the following?

rspirep ^Location:\ (https?://)([^/]*)(:[0-9]+)(/.*)$ Location:\ \\4 if hdr_location

http.port=5080 # for dev, 5081 for testing

rtmp.port=1935 # for dev, 1937 for testing

Which of them are returned as <Application_Port> in this response?

Location: http://<Internal_IP:Application_Port>/Product1/

I assume 5080.


# message executor configs (per application) - adjust these as needed if
you get tasks rejected






Thank you.


Susheel Jalali

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Am 13-10-2015 23:36, schrieb Aleksandar Lazic:
Dear Susheel Jalali.

Am 13-10-2015 22:20, schrieb Susheel Jalali:
Dear Aleks,


Tomcat’s web.xml [1]
In web.xml [1], the context parameter is:


and the filter mapping for the application is:

Tomcat’s config.xml [2]

Sorry but this could not be the full web.xml [1] and server.xml!

Tomcat will not be able to start with this files!

Du you try to proxy the RED5 server?!

If yes what's in your ?

From my point of view it looks like you need to set the http.*
to the right values.

e. g.: https.port=1443 or what you want


[1] http://web.xml/
[2] http://config.xml/

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