Dear Susheel Jalali

Am 02-11-2015 20:24, schrieb Susheel Jalali:
Dear Aleks,


We modified this solution (of Apache) to work with HAProxy, but did
not succeed.  Is there any insight anyone could provide?

What have you changed?
Please post your current config.

Internal Hyperlinks in our PHP page:
<frameset rows="<?php echo
"$GLOBALS[logoBarHeight],$GLOBALS[titleBarHeight]" ?>,*" cols="*"
frameborder="NO" border="0" framespacing="0">
   <frame class="logobar" src="<?php echo
$rootdir;?>/login/filler.php" name="Filler Top" scrolling="no"
noresize frameborder="NO">
   <frame class="titlebar" src="<?php echo
$rootdir;?>/login/login_title.php" name="Title" scrolling="no"
noresize frameborder="NO">
   <frame src="<?php echo $rootdir;?>/login/login.php" name="Login"
scrolling="auto" frameborder="NO">

please add <?php print_r($rootdir);?> to the PHP page and post the output.

You have not answered if my Assumption was right!

I still assume that you try to run

therefore please take a look into this code.

Best regards

On 10/31/15 14:36, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
Dear Susheel Jalali.

Am 31-10-2015 08:43, schrieb Susheel Jalali:
Dear HAProxy Developers:


This is same as what Apache server’s mod_proxy_html serves to:
rewrite <a href="";>foobar</a>

to <a href="";>foobar</a>.

Is there an output filter equivalent of Apache server’s mod_proxy_html
in HAProxy to rewrite internal links in:
(i) a PHP page?
(ii) an HTML page?


you use


follow up Have I assumed right and was you able to step forward?

BR Aleks

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