Hi Martin,

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 11:16:15PM +0200, Martin Tóth wrote:
> Hi fellow haproxy users,
> i just wanted to ask if new implementation of haproxy (implemented in v.
> 1.6.9) namespaces can work like this. I have Zabbix proxy daemon running
> inside network namespace in Linux, let???s say namespace is named
> ???customer???.
> I want to be able to run haproxy daemon in default linux namespace and be
> able to connect with haproxy to Zabbix proxy demon running inside own
> namespace. Is this possible ?
> My config :
> namespace_list
>       namespace customer
> frontend customer
>       mode tcp
>       bind accept-proxy # this is IP and port on host 
> ( - linux server IP) where i should connect when i want to reach 
> customer Zabbix proxy daemon
>       default_backend serverlist
> backend serverlist
>       mode tcp
>       server s1 namespace customer # this is zabbix proxy 
> dameon
> It did not found any related example of configuration or more than one page
> of documentation. 

It should work like this. I've used it just for a test recently, to see
if it was possible to isolate a daemon into a network-less namespace (no
NIC except "lo"), and with haproxy connecting into that namespace. And
yes, it works. I'm not a namespace user at all so I had to use "ip netns"
with the man page opened and after trial and error I managed to make it

At least you need to enter your customer namespace and issue
"netstat -ltnp" to ensure that your zabbix server is properly listening
to incoming connections, otherwise it will obviously never work.

Hoping this helps,

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