I need to set up haproxy 1.8.3 as a loadbalancer for several nginx webservers 
(1.13.x). The haproxy will be set up to support h2 connections.
I am undecided if it is a good idea to setup nginx for h2 also. I understand 
that haproxy will be able to talk to nginx more efficiently, but there is also 
a downside for the h2 handshake and more complicated protocol in contrast to a 
simple unencrypted http connection. The content I transfer between haproxy and 
nginx is absolutely public, so there is no added value or security if I encrypt 

Is it advisable to set up h2 between the two or not ? Criteria would be "less 
CPU usage" or "less connections between the two components" or even "faster 
transfer of data between nginx and haproxy"
I have not yet come to a conclusion. I understand that for a detailled answer 
you would need to know more about the servers and type / amount of content 
transferred. But I am hoping for some general guidance here.

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