Hi Tim,

>> I'm running haproxy 1.8.4 with a heavy work load.
>> For some reason some workers die every now and then with the following error 
>> in the log:
>> Feb 22 05:00:42 hostname haproxy[9950]: [ALERT] 052/045759 (9950) : Current 
>> worker 3569 exited with code 134
> Code 134 implies the worker was killed with SIGABRT. You could check
> whether there is a core dump.

I don't have any core dumps.

> When grepping through the code I notice one abort() in cache.c that
> could possibly be executed in production. Are you using the new cache
> that was added in haproxy 1.8?

I just checked my configuration file to confirm that we don't use the new cache.

What I do notice is that we use nbproc 7 with 7 stats sockets. In haproxy 1.8 
nbthread comes available but is highly experimental according the 
documentation. Would it be possible that this solves any of my issues?


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