Hi Willy

>>>> There are very few abort() calls in the code :
>>>>   - some in the thread debugging code to detect recursive locks ;
>>>>   - one in the cache applet which triggers on an impossible case very
>>>>     likely resulting from cache corruption (hence a bug)
>>>>   - a few inside the Lua library
>>>>   - a few in the HPACK decompressor, detecting a few possible bugs there

After playing around with some config changes we managed to not have haproxy 
throw the "worker <pid> exited with code 134" error for at least a day. Which 
is a long time as before we had this error at least 5 times a day...

The line we removed from our config to get this result was:
compression algo gzip

Could it be a locking issue in the compression code? I'm going to run a few 
more days without compression enabled, but for now this looks promising!


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