Hi amit.

Am 07.03.2018 um 14:44 schrieb amit raj:
> Hello Team,
> We are facing some issue  while running HAPROXY  our environment.
> 1.Currently we are using the HAPROXY 1.8 build following are the
> problems we need to solve basically.
> a.> Connection closing should happen with FIN rather than RSTs

- at normal request flow
- at health check

> b.> Even load balancing based on both session and request in  and
> request out.

I don't understand what you mean?

The default behavior of haproxy when you setup the session stickiness
properly is to send the client request from a server back to the same

> Please help us in achieving both these.
> Currently we are using two configs in our HAPROXY.
> in the frontend block we are using the "option http-tunnel" and in the
> backend  we are using the "option http keep-alive" and also "no http-tunnel"

Please attach the haproxy config so that we can understand you config

> With the current above setup we can achieve point a , but in point b we
> can achieve session based even load balancing not  request in  and
> request out.
> Any help would be deeply appreciated.
> Thanks,


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