Hi Willy and HAproxy folks!

Sorry for bumping this old thread. But Solarflare recently released a new
Onload version.

Here is a small excerpt from the Release Notes:

 A major overhaul to clustering and scalable filters enables new data
 center use cases.

 Scalable filters direct all traffic for a given VI to Onload so that
 the filter table size is not a constraint on the number of concurrent
 connections supported efficiently. This release allows scalable filters
 to be combined for both passive and active open connections and with RSS,
 enabling very high transaction rates for use cases such as a reverse web


So this NIC with Onload features requires tuning and perhaps a better
understanding of the Linux network stack than what I got to get working in
a high volume/frequency setup.
I am willing to gift one SFN8522(2x10Gbit/s SFP+) to the HAproxy
team(within EU there should be no toll) if you want to test the card and
it's capabilities.
I don't have any hard requirements for gifting this card, just that you got
the will to give it a fair shot. The only thing I want in return is that
you share your insights, good or bad. Perhaps we can get a working Onload
profile for HAproxy. They ship a example profile for nginx in
onload-201805. I am still very curious if Onload actually can offload the
CPU more than regular a NIC.

I don't have an EnterpriseOnload license. But this card should get a free
ScaleoutOnload license(basically it's included in the card, but Dell
forgot, so I had to reach out to Solarflare support to get a free License).
And ScaleoutOnload is their OpenOnload.
I could help out with that if needed.

So HAproxy team, you want this card to play with?


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