we are seeing timeouts with haproxy 1.8.13 running in http loadbalancing mode. 
We are running under high load / traffic and about 10-20k active frontend 
sessions. With haproxy 1.8.12 we cant reproduce the timeouts and it seems to be 

Timeouts occure if we are running in threaded mode (1 process and 20 threads) 
or even if we are running with nbproc 20 and zero threads! But nbproc runs more 
stable than threaded mode what means we see less timeouts. As i said, on 1.8.12 
we don't see any timeouts wether we are running with threads or with nbproc.

It seems that we can reproduce the issue even in one of our low traffic setups 
(200-500 active frontend sessions) but then the error occures much less than in 
the high traffic setup.

If you need any more details, feel free to ask.



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