Am 02.09.2018 um 21:59 schrieb Computerisms Corporation:
> Lua function 'auth-request': runtime error: attempt to yield across a
> C-call boundary from [C] field 'request',
> /Computerisms/config/etc/haproxy.auth.lua:95 C function line 56.

This is interesting. I don't know anything about Lua internals, thus
adding Thierry as the Lua maintainer in haproxy to the Cc-list.

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> As per luarocks:
> root@sand2lian:/etc/apache2# luarocks list
> Installed rocks:
> ----------------
> luasocket
>    3.0rc1-2 (installed) - /usr/local/lib/luarocks/rocks
> As per dpkg:
> root@sand2lian:/etc/apache2# dpkg -l lua5.3
> ii  lua5.3                               5.3.3-1

Personally I installed lua-socket using apt:

$ dpkg -l |grep lua
ii  liblua5.3-0:amd64                     5.3.3-1
   amd64        Shared library for the Lua interpreter version 5.3
ii  lua-socket:amd64                      3.0~rc1+git+ac3201d-4
   amd64        TCP/UDP socket library for the Lua language

Bob, can you give your `haproxy -vv`?

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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