On 09/11/2018 04:51 PM, PiBa-NL wrote:
Hi List,

I was wondering how to best run the reg-tests that are 'valid' for FreeBSD.

There are a 2 tests that use abns@ sockets, which seem not available on FreeBSD. Also 1 test is failing for a reason i'm not totally sure if its totally expected to or not..

- /connection/b00000.vtc
probably does not 'really' need abns@ sockets, so changing to unix@ would make it testable on more platforms?

- /log/b00000.vtc
Not exactly sure why this fails/why it was supposed to work.
It either produces a timeout, or the s1 server fails to read the request which the tcp-healthcheck does not send..

     ***  s1    0.0 accepted fd 5 23986
     **   s1    0.0 === rxreq
     ---- s1    0.0 HTTP rx failed (fd:5 read: Connection reset by peer)

This test relies on timeout values to produce the correct syslog output.
Relying on timing values for reg testing is perhaps a bad idea as the results are not deterministic.

Indeed here we want the 5ms timeout client to expire before it reads the server response after having waited for 20ms.

I propose to remove this test.

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