Hi guys,

I'm trying to get clients request http version and it seems %HV which is
the last field of %r works fine for http/0.9,1.0,1.1. However I get
http/1.1 on logs for http2 requests.

Using HAProxy 1.8.16, Is there still below limitation?

  - no trivial way to report HTTP/2 in the logs. I'm using a sample
    fetch function reporting the on-wire format as 1 or 2 for now. I
    considered replacing "HTTP/1.1" with "HTTP/2.0" in the logs but
    that's inaccurate since we really process "1.1" so it might be
    confusing to those dealing with regex which don't seem to match,
    and in addition "HTTP/2.0" is not the correct version string, the
    correct one is "HTTP/2". But writing this without the dot and the
    minor version is going to break some log processing tools. Thus I
    was thinking about having some optional fields that are supposed
    to be easy to use. Note that we had the same issue with SSL long
    ago, ending with "~" after the frontend's name in the logs...
    Better avoid this for H2. Ideas are welcome.

Amin Shayan

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