2 weeks passed without reply, so a little hereby a little 'bump'.. I know everyone has been busy, but would be nice to get test added or at least the biggest issue of the 'mailbomb' fixed before next release. If its 'scheduled' to get looked at later thats okay. Just making sure it aint forgotten about :).

The 23654 mails received for a failed server is a bit much..
---- c2    7.5 EXPECT resp.http.mailsreceived (23654) == "16" failed

PiBa-NL (Pieter)

Op 23-12-2018 om 23:37 schreef PiBa-NL:
Changed subject of patch requirement to 'REGTEST'.

Op 23-12-2018 om 21:17 schreef PiBa-NL:
Hi List,

Attached a new test to verify that the 'mailers' section is working properly.
Currently with 1.9 the mailers sends thousands of mails for my setup...

As the test is rather slow i have marked it with a starting letter 's'.

Note that the test also fails on 1.6/1.7/1.8 but can be 'fixed' there by adding a 'timeout mail 200ms'.. (except on 1.6 which doesn't have that setting.)

I don't think that should be needed though if everything was working properly?

If the test could be committed, and related issues exposed fixed that would be neat ;)

Thanks in advance,

PiBa-NL (Pieter)

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