I just updated to 1.9.1 on my test system.

We noticed that when a server fails we now get tons of mail, and with
tons we mean a lot.

After a client backend server fails we usually get 1 mail on 1.8.x now
with 1.9.1 within 1 minute we have the following.

mailq | grep -B2 l...@testdomain.nl | grep '^[A-F0-9]' | awk '{print
$1}' | sed 's/*//' | postsuper -d -
postsuper: Deleted: 19929 messages

My setting from the backend part is as follows.

    email-alert mailers alert-mailers
    email-alert from l...@testdomain.nl
    email-alert to not...@testdomain.nl
    server webserver09 check

Has something changed in 1.9.x (it was on 1.9.0 also)

Johan Hendriks

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