Hi Willy, Olivier,

Op 12-1-2019 om 13:11 schreef Willy Tarreau:
Hi Pieter,

it is needed to prepend this at the beginning of chk_report_conn_err() :

        if (!check->server)

We need to make sure that check->server is properly tested everywhere.
With a bit of luck this one was the only remnant.


With the check above added, mail alerts seem to work properly here, or just as good as they used to anyhow.

Once the patches and above addition get committed, that leaves the other 'low priority' issue of needing a short timeout to send the exact amount of 'expected' mails.
    EXPECT resp.http.mailsreceived (10) == "16" failed
To be honest i only noticed it due to making the regtest, and double-checking what to expect.. When i validated mails on my actual environment it seems to work properly. (Though the server i took out to test has a health-check with a 60 second interval..) Anyhow its been like this for years afaik, i guess it wont matter much if stays like this a bit longer.

PiBa-NL (Pieter)

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