On 10/05/19 8:57 PM, Willy Tarreau wrote:
> On Thu, May 09, 2019 at 05:07:40PM +1200, Chris Packham wrote:
>> __ha_cas_dw() is used in fd_rm_from_fd_list() and when built without
>> USE_THREADS=1 the linker fails to find __ha_cas_dw(). Add a definition
>> of __ha_cas_dw() for the #ifndef USE_THREADS case.
> Just found your patch, I think it's indeed OK to fall back to
> HA_ATOMIC_CAS in this case since we won't use atomic instructions.
> I'd like that we do a bit of tidying in this area so that it's
> clearer which functions are always atomic and which ones possibly
> are not, but for now that's OK. I've merged it now.

Actually I think there's an additional change needed in my patch. By 
passing the parameters to HA_ATOMIC_CAS we end up attempting to 
dereference a void *. So this should needs to cast to a proper type. For 
what it's worth I'll send a v2 that does this.

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