> What I find very strange is why you're possibly the only one seeing this
> (and maybe also @serimin on github issue #94). If we could figure what
> makes your case specific it could help narrow the issue down. I'm seeing
> that you have a very simple Lua service to respond to health checks, so
> I've been thinking that maybe we do have some remaining bugs when Lua is
> accessed over H2 (e.g. incorrect length or whatever), but it's not the
> case on your connection since there are something like 17 streams so we
> can rule out the hypothesis of a health check connection, and thus that
> Lua was used.

Correct, lua applets are used for health checking and only for specific
list of clients (distinguished by source IP). Health checks are made over
http 1.0 (not even 1.1), so it should not affect h2 in HAProxy. This
particular HAProxy is used for serving images, so the responses are quite
large and so is the traffic. I'm using HAProxy 1.9.7 on other machines,
without that problem so the traffic specification or config matters.

The difference from other instances of HAProxy 1.9.7 I'm using is the
consistent hashing (hash-type consistent, balance hdr(...) and server id
specified inf config for each server) and also inter, fastinter, downinter,
slowstart settings.

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