Am 15.05.19 um 22:59 schrieb Aleksandar Lazic:
> As we use more and more the CI features of github what's the opinion of the
> community to use this features to create and push Container images to the 
> docker
> registry via the CI?
> I'm fine to keep it as it is but from project point of view it could be better
> to have all together on one place, right?

As a avid Docker user: I tend to absolutely avoid any Docker images that
are not built using Docker Hub's autobuilder, because I cannot verify
the Dockerfile myself (or cannot verify that the resulting image
actually matches the Dockerfile). And for the images using the
autobuilder: They are super crap more often than not.

I don't see any benefit whatsoever for HAProxy to provide image
themselves. The image in the docker-official-images program is timely
updated using a scraper [1], it is of high quality (of course )and the
fact that it's part of the DOI program makes it highly trusted among
Docker users. Also I keep half an eye on that image to make necessary

Conclusing: The time and effort is better spent elsewhere (i.e. in
actually improving HAProxy itself).


Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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