I'm using HAProxy to support a system that was initially developed for
Apache (AJP) and JBoss. Now we are migrating it's infrastructure to a
Kubernetes cluster with HAProxy as ingress (load balancer).

The big problem is this system depends strict to JSESSIONID. Some internal
requests made in Javascript or Angular don't respect browser cookies and
send requests only with original Jboss JSESSIONID value.

Because of this we need a sticky-table to map JSESSIONID values. But in a
cluster environment (https://github.com/jcmoraisjr/haproxy-ingress) HAProxy
has many instances and this instances don't have fixed IP, they are

Also, in Kubernetes cluster everything is in constant change and any change
is a reload of all HAProxy instances. So, we lost the sticky-table.

Even we use "peers" feature as described in this issue (
https://github.com/jcmoraisjr/haproxy-ingress/issues/296) by me, we don't
know if table will persist because all instances will reload in the same

We thought to use a separate HAProxy server only to cache this table. This
HAProxy will never reload. But I'm not comfortable to use a HAProxy server
instance only for this.

I appreciate if you help me. Thanks!


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