Hi Ilya,

On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 01:29:53AM +0500, ???? ??????? wrote:
> Hello,
> if we do not like using github PR and Willy receives 2k emails a day...
> do we consider using something like that
> https://patchwork.openvpn.net/project/openvpn2/list/ ?

At least not now, please let's slow down on process changes, I cannot
catch up anymore. Really. I find myself spending 10 times more time in
a browser than what I used to do 6 months ago, for me it's becoming
very difficult. Between the issue tracker, the CI, github settings, the
links to dumps, confs or logs that are lazily copy-pasted instead of
sending the info itself etc... In the end I find myself working far
less efficiently for now, having to spend more time at work to produce
the same, however it helps others work more efficiently, which is nice.
But since I've always been a bottleneck, it remains important that we
don't forget to optimize my time, or everyone will spend their time
waiting for me, which I cannot accept. And the worst that can happen
is that I become a bottleneck due to processes because this would be
something I wouldn't be able to improve at all.

I hope you can understand that no change comes with zero cost and that
for some people (like me) they come with a higher cost. Sometimes this
cost can be recovered over time, sometimes it's a pure loss. So let's
not engage too many changes at once and keep some time to observe the
outcome of everything we've done for now.


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