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Author: Kazuo Yagi <>
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   MINOR: doc: Remove -Ds option in man page

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   MINOR: doc: Remove -Ds option in man page


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   wget && vi 120.patch

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   curl | git am -

   `-Ds` option should be removed from man page. It is no longer
   supported as this commit shows:
   I noticed that
   the option has already gone when upgrading my haproxy from 1.7 to
   2.0-dev7. I have had the old and new haproxy running as a pod on my
   Kubernetes cluster, therefore, it is important for me to know what
   option is provided to keep the process in the foreground.
   After upgrading, I was able to make my haproxy running successfully by
   removing `-Ds` option and `daemon` global parameter in the config.
   Thank you.

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