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> Description:
>    `-Ds` option should be removed from man page. It is no longer
>    supported as this commit shows: https://github.com/haproxy/haproxy/com
>    mit/095ba4c2428ec8bcccb134b3d24f07de2aabbdcd
>    I noticed that
>    the option has already gone when upgrading my haproxy from 1.7 to
>    2.0-dev7. I have had the old and new haproxy running as a pod on my
>    Kubernetes cluster, therefore, it is important for me to know what
>    option is provided to keep the process in the foreground.
>    After upgrading, I was able to make my haproxy running successfully by
>    removing `-Ds` option and `daemon` global parameter in the config.
>    Thank you.

Good catch.

However this option was never meant to be used this way, it was supposed to be
used with the systemd wrapper binary, that's why it was removed when the
systemd wrapper was replaced by the master worker mode.

Depending on your usage, you probably want to use the master worker mode (-W),
which will allow multi-process mode in foreground.

Patch applied, thanks.

William Lallemand

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