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Hi list,

We ran into an issue with haproxy 2.0.1 in front of SonarQube.
With HTX enabled, despite no errors being displayed either in haproxy nor SonarQube, some but not all analysis failed.

From SonarQube, debug shows protobuf requests (/sonarqube/api/rules/list.protobuf) failing and fallbacking to default, or complete failure if no default available.

When switching back to 'no option http-use-htx', protobuf requests' answers did not had the same size and no more issues with SonarQube.

How could I specifically debug protobuf handling with HTX enabled ?


I don't know if it is related. But if your tool uses WebSockets, take a look to the issue #131 on Github:


Otherwise, I'll need more information (configuration, info about SonarQube, network captures...).

Christopher Faulet

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