I got that email on this site, not sure if it's still working etc 

I'm having some issue with a service (white page sometimes for a webservice), 
and i m not totally sure it has anything to do with issue on my load balancer 
(i'm not the one who configured it, just having to work on it, guy gone, no 
documentation left etc...)

When i started looking, i noticed that only this service had so many warnings 
and errors, so i thought < maybe > it can have something to do with it...

backend ecmapp-prd-be-8443
  acl kerberos hdr_beg(Authorization) -m beg Negotiate
  http-request replace-header Authorization (.*) "Basic dXBhZG1pbjp1cGFkbWlu" 
if kerberos
  mode http
  log global
  option httplog
  balance roundrobin
  option forwardfor
  #cookie SERVERID insert indirect nocache
  cookie ReqClientId prefix nocache
  option tcp-check
  tcp-check connect port 8080
  tcp-check send GET\ /iws/\ HTTP/1.0\r\n
  tcp-check send \r\n
  tcp-check expect string 200
  tcp-check connect port 8080
  tcp-check send GET\ /eoc/login\ HTTP/1.0\r\n
  tcp-check send \r\n
  tcp-check expect string 200
  timeout client 5s
  server sli-ecmapp-01-prd-cit ssl cookie s1 weight 20 check 
port 8080 inter 10000
  server sli-ecmapp-02-prd-cit ssl cookie s2 weight 20 check 
port 8080 inter 10000

Here is the configuration of the service, i m able to read half of it, 
chechking the documentation to find more information

Thanks a lot of you can help, if not have a great day :)

Thanks !


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