it depends on how haproxy is built (number of flags) 


we use most of available options when testing on coverity 
[ | ] 
can you share build command ? we may also set up sonar in travis-ci schedules. 
(personally, I find sonar too much noisy, but I agree, it finds bugs sometimes) 


I'm using 
$ make -j4 TARGET=linux-glibc USE_LIBCRYPT=1 USE_OPENSSL=1 USE_ZLIB=1 USE_NS= 

The shortest command from the travis file is 
$ make -j4 TARGET=linux-glibc USE_ZLIB=1 USE_PCRE=1 USE_OPENSSL=1 USE_WURFL=1 
WURFL_INC=contrib/wurfl WURFL_LIB=contrib/wurfl USE_DEVICEATLAS=1 
DEVICEATLAS_SRC=contrib/deviceatlas USE_NS= 

I'm using CentOS 6 to build. 

As Willy says, it generates lots of false-positive because static analysis of 
pointer-work is hard, especially in C. 
Most of C smart moves are interpreted as wrong behavior. 

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