Am 26.09.19 um 16:01 schrieb Adis Nezirovic:
> While I agree that using zero based array indexing is a mistake (wearing
> my Lua hat), I don't think your proposal will make situation any better.
> Actually ot might hurt existing Lua code in unforeseen ways.

Yes, I understand that it breaks backwards compatibility. That's why I
added the cover letter with the rationale of duplicating the first value
instead of making the 0-index a nil.

> e.g. what happens if you have a Lua action or service which uses request
> headers for its own nefarious purposes (like copying headers and using
> them for new requests). It now sends duplicate headers (name, value)
> which some upstream servers might not like.
> Second thing, with Lua 5.2(?), "one" based arrays can use '#' operator
> to get the array length. With your proposal, we'd have tables of length
> N, where # operator would report N - 1 length
> (That's just confusing, we'd have "1" based arrays which are not "1" based)

In fact the `#` operator was the reason for this patch. In my script I
was attempting to count the instances of one header and was confused
when it returned 0 instead of the expected 1.

> The last, but not the least, I am not fond of modifying request data by
> the HAProxy Lua layer. Suddenly, existing Lua code would see duplicate
> header values out of blue.
> In my book, an improvement would be a new function, let's call it
> hlua_http_get_headers_kv(), which returns table with header names as
> keys, and values would be either "string" or array in case of multiple
> header values (we can fold multiple values easily with Lua)...

If a new function is introduced it should normalize headers itself.
Either split all of them at a comma or concatenate all duplicates with a

Currently you both have to implement both splitting and concatenating
yourself. See also:

Also: The AppletHTTP class is affected as well. But it does not have a
function for getting the headers, instead has a `headers` property. That
one should probably be made consistent with the HTTP class then.

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

[1] I'd love to use for
haproxy-auth-request, but the GPL stands in the way :-(

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