> On 30 Sep 2019, at 05:40, Willy Tarreau <w...@1wt.eu> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 04:35:31PM +0200, Tim Düsterhus wrote:
>> Adis,
>> Am 26.09.19 um 16:01 schrieb Adis Nezirovic:
>>> While I agree that using zero based array indexing is a mistake (wearing
>>> my Lua hat), I don't think your proposal will make situation any better.
>>> Actually ot might hurt existing Lua code in unforeseen ways.
>> Yes, I understand that it breaks backwards compatibility. That's why I
>> added the cover letter with the rationale of duplicating the first value
>> instead of making the 0-index a nil.
> To be honest I'm totally ignorant of this code area and it's even not
> very clear to me (even after reading the commit messages) what is the
> extent of this change nor what this headers array corresponds to.
> However what I can say is that when implementing a transition towards
> a final solution by having an intermediate solution (like you're
> proposing by keeping index 0), it's important to have a plan to get rid
> of the intermediate solution at some point. Here, by duplicating entries
> I'm not seeing any way to properly cover this final transition, nor to
> safely avoid breakage of existing applications. Thus it will turn an
> existing problem into two other ones.
> I could instead propose two solutions :
>  - either we knowingly break existing code for 2.1+ by changing the
>    array numbering to match Lua standards ; those migrating from 2.0
>    to 2.1 or 2.2 will have to modify their code. We can explain them
>    how to make portable code by checking the haproxy version from
>    within Lua if required;
>  - or we decide to rename this "headers" field on the long term (if
>    it's the only one, which is really the part I'm ignoring) and create
>    a new one ("hdrs" ?) numbered from 1. We can thus keep the two in
>    parallel till 2.2 included so that at least one LTS version covers
>    both the old and new API, and in 2.3 we remove headers. If we can
>    emit an API warning when "headers" is first met, it's even better.
>    I just don't know how we can make one structure field alias another
>    one, I can understand that it's not just a matter of setting +1 on
>    a pointer, but I guess that we have hooks behind the curtains which
>    intercept this "headers" thing.
> There may also be other solutions, but definitely an API change needs
> to pass through something visible so that affected code at some point
> has to be fixed if we want to get rid of a past mistake.

Hi, hard question because everyone has right :-) I vote for a new function
which return an array of header starting at the index 1.


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