I see a strange behaviour of the DNS resolution on version 2.0.9 and 2.0.10, but I do not know since when this happens.

On Ubuntu 18.04, I set up haproxy to use the local DNS service provided by systemd.
Actually I see that haproxy tries to resolve the names every second.
The resolution is successful, the TTL in the answer is 1800s or longer.

The relevant configuration is the same for all "server" lines. Here an example

resolvers systemd
  nameserver local
backend lnxmc1-aem
  mode http
  timeout connect 10s
  timeout server 1m
server xxlnxmc1-8443 xxlnxmc1.xxx.yyy.zz:8443 ssl resolvers systemd resolve-prefer ipv4 init-addr libc,none

If I "tcpdump" the traffic, I see something like this every second for every server name in the haproxy configuration.

07:30:58.353752 IP > 30611+ [1au] A? xxlnxmc1.xxx.yyy.zz. (46) 07:30:58.354184 IP > 30611 1/0/1 A (62)

The requester actually seems to be haproxy

$ sudo ss -np | grep 46017
udp ESTAB 0 0 users:(("haproxy",pid=12419,fd=87))

Any ideas?
Any further configuration parameter to look at?

Thank you


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