This is an extract of my frontend configuration working perfectly on 2.0.11.

frontend wwws
        bind ssl crt /etc/haproxy/ssl/server.pem alpn
        mode http
        acl is_dev_qd hdr(host) -i dev.q.d dev.qs.d
        acl is_qd hdr(host) -i q.d qs.d www.q.d www.qs.d
        http-request replace-uri ^/PPDSlide/(.*) /d3/PPDSlide/\1 if
        http-request replace-uri ^/PPDSlide/(.*) /p3/PPDSlide/\1 if is_qd

URLs like https://q.d/PPDSlide/testfile are correctly rewritten to
https://q.d/p3/PPDSlide/testfile and forwarded to the backend.

Once I switched to 2.1.1, haproxy no longer rewrites the URI and the
URIs remains unchanged while forwarded to the backend. I had to
downgrade to have the usual behaviour.

Is it a bug or something changed in normal haproxy behaviour with 2.1
release ?

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