On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 9:10 AM Jarno Huuskonen <jarno.huusko...@uef.fi> wrote:
> > So my question to the HAProxy community is if anyone knows / uses a
> > generic HTTP unit testing framework.
> Have you looked into varnishtest(vtest) ? There're examples in haproxy source
> reg-tests directory.

Interesting;  for reference I'll put the relevant links bellow:

  https://github.com/vtest/VTest -- the actual tool used by HAProxy

I'll have a more closer look, however at a first glance the following
sticks out to me:
* (as a plus)  it seems to be quite competent and allows many
use-cases;  (even checking very low-level details such as TCP
* (as a minus)  the syntax is quite awkward;  therefore it will be
very hard for most to write checks;
* (as a minus)  it can't be extended into more "application-side"
testing;  (i.e. what Postman does best;)
* (as a minus)  I think it's targeted more at testing small,
individual, features, as for example I don't think it's able to
generate the test cases (including URLs, headers, etc.)
programatically, for example taking them from a file, etc.;

Thanks for the pointer, I'll take a closer look and perhaps I'm
mistaken about many of the above,

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