Hello all!

[First of all this question isn't only HAProxy specific, but can be
extended to any HTTP server (including Apache, Nginx, and any other
web application out there);  however I think it is especially
important for HAProxy given how many HTTP-routing / mangling
capabilities it has.]

I have a quite complex HAProxy configuration and I want to make sure
that while changing some ACL's and rules I don't break something else.

Therefore I set out to find a tool that allows me to "unit test" an
HTTP server (thus including HAProxy).  And to my surprise I didn't
find one...  Obviously there are many "framework" unit test platforms
out-there, each tailored for the underlying framework, such as Django,
Flask, Rails, Spring, Go-lang, etc.;  however nothing "generic" that
can test a web server by plain HTTP requests.

So my question to the HAProxy community is if anyone knows / uses a
generic HTTP unit testing framework.

(I have already written a few custom Bash scripts that given an URL
create a file on disk, and given it resides in a Git repository, I can
easily `git diff ./tests/responses` to see if anything changed, but
this is too "barbaric"...)  :)


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