Hello Aleksandar,

On 20.12.19 15:28, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
It's mentioned in the doc, isn't it.


yes it is but it's not nice that "ip" does not include v6 and that most of the example config sniplets are not working for IPv6 accordingly.

I'd like to propose to make a change for one of the next major versions of haproxy that "ip" gets aliases to what "ipv6" currently is and eventually introduce a new ipv4 type which equals to what type "ip" is now.

What do others here think about this?

Sounds good, would you like to create a patch for that?

sure, I can start working out a patch if nobody disagrees that introducing "ipv4" for v4 only and making "ip" behave equally to "ipv6" is the way to go.


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