On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 09:40:09AM +0100, Thierry Fournier wrote:
> I like this way. If the Lua program works perfectly, the GC is not forced.
> If some connections are pending the GC start and clean up.
> Maybe it is must clever to rename the variable from "conn_count" to
> "require_gc_count". By this way if another resource have the same problem
> than TCP connections, this var could be used ?

Excellent suggestion, you're totally right!

> For testing this patch we need three cases:
> - The Lua program work perfectly.
> - The Lua program must fail after connexion (something like this:
>   unexistant_array['void_key'] = 1). This test the unexpected abort. If the
>   Lua fails, we must validate the socket is closed and HAProxy is not blocked
>   because no connection available.
> - The socket close must be commented out. The same kind of test than 
> previsouly,
>   but without the bug.

Well, I think it's too advanced for me, I'm just able to propose patches
here :-)


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