On 26 Jan 18:46, William Dauchy wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 7:33 PM Tim Düsterhus <t...@bastelstu.be> wrote:
> > Backport information are missing (without looking up that commit). 1.8+
> > it is.
> Thanks. Could be nice to change a bit these rules; indeed, when the
> `Fixes` tag is present, it's very easy to ask git in which tag this
> was introduced; so in my opinion this should be part of a
> semi-automatic process proposing to backport a given fix when this tag
> is present (`git tag --contains`).

That will not work with cherry-picked commits.

> However, I agree that's a bit wonky as a few commits are
> cherry-picked, like this one which was cherry-picked in v1.8 indeed.
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