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> This is a friendly bot that watches fixes pending for the next haproxy-stable 
> release!  One such e-mail is sent periodically once patches are waiting in 
> the last maintenance branch, and an ideal release date is computed based on 
> the severity of these fixes and their merge date.  Responses to this mail 
> must be sent to the mailing list.
> Last release 2.1.2 was issued on 2019/12/21.  There are currently 54 patches 
> in the queue cut down this way:
>     - 2 MAJOR, first one merged on 2020/01/20
>     - 20 MEDIUM, first one merged on 2020/01/09
>     - 32 MINOR, first one merged on 2020/01/07
> Thus the computed ideal release date for 2.1.3 would be 2020/02/03, which was 
> one week ago.
> [...]
> ---
> The haproxy stable-bot is freely provided by HAProxy Technologies to help 
> improve the quality of each HAProxy release.  If you have any issue with 
> these emails or if you want to suggest some improvements, please post them on 
> the list so that the solutions suiting the most users can be found.

It appears that with the new backporting helper scripts you immediately
backport fixes, instead of doing that in bulk whenever you feel like a
new release. This causes this bot to send more emails than before. It's
regularly 4 emails every Sunday now. I assume that 1.7 and lower is
already excluded from the emails.

1. Can we get a 2.1 release in the next days? I'm primarily asking
because of the backported Lua package path patches :-)

2. I don't expect any 1.8 releases for the nearer future, so the bot
will continue to annoy the list about an optimal release date on
December, 24th which is long in the past. Not acting on the emails and
the calculated date makes this whole "optimal" release date calculation
rather useless.

3. They are "boring": One does not need to be reminded about the same
bugs every week, with a single addition buried somewhere deep in the list.


- Merge the 4 emails into a single one. Alternatively make sure they
thread so that they can be collapsed within the recipients mailers.
- Instead of listing all patches backported just list what *changed* in
the past week. This would make the emails more interesting, because they
contain *new* information. Or list all of them with a special 'new
patches' section at the top.

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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