Dear List

I'm currently working a Peer Protocol implementation to passively
monitor what's happening within HAProxy.

The protocol specification is horribly underdocumented (docs/peers.txt
is incomplete) and I believe I found a mistake in the existing

This is about the "Table Definition Message", more specifically the
"Encoded Table Type".

docs/peers-v2.0.txt says:

> Table Type present the numeric type of key used to store stick table entries:
> integer
>  0: signed integer
>  1: IPv4 address
>  2: IPv6 address
>  3: string
>  4: binary

But I'm seeing the value 6 for string. After reading the source code the
type actually appears a member of SMP_T_* which would match up.

Two questions:

1) Is my understanding correct that the type refers to SMP_T_*?
2) Can I rely the order of the SMP_T_* enum *NOT* changing (i.e. new
types are only added at the end)? Or rather: Is the peer protocol stable
enough for third party implementations or can it change at will during
HAProxy upgrades?

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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